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Mega Marines Barbecue and Iceberg

This update includes a design based on the unproduced concept for a Mega Marines Barbecue, seen here (obviously a lot had to be guessed at since the image isn’t great), and an original Iceberg in warm weather gear. (Click images to enlarge.)

BBQ-MegaMarines  Iceberg-infantry


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Frostbite and Pythona

It’s been a few days, so here are two more characters. First, it’s another cold weather G.I. Joe ready for warmer climates, Frostbite. And from a more obscure corner of G.I. Joe, here’s a new version of Pythona. This design is maybe a bit more human, and it’s more like she may have appeared in a modern comic book, instead of a kids’ cartoon.

Frostbite-infantry Pythona-A

1995 Flint and “Original 13” Scarlett

A two-for-one post today. First up is the unproduced Battle Rangers Flint that would’ve appeared in 1995, and then like with an earlier Snake-Eyes post, it’s Scarlett if her original uniform matched better with her male teammates.

UPDATE: Click here to see the page about that Flint figure.

Flint-1995  Scarlett-original

Bazooka times three

That Bazooka’s football jersey is an obvious New England Patriots jersey makes perfect sense, given they would be Rhode Island-based Hasbro’s home team. In 1985, number 14 was Steve Grogan, who played for the team in the season that led them to the 1986 Super Bowl. The Patriots got beaten badly in that game by the Chicago Bears, which include William “Fridge” Perry, who would get his own G.I. Joe figure soon after! Here are, in order, Bazooka’s action figure design, a version including the Patriots’ CORRECT 1985 jersey design, and then one including their current uniform.


Warm weather Snow Job

One of the sometimes silly aspects of G.I. Joe fiction happens when a environment-specific Joe appears outside that environment, but still wears the same uniform. The worst example may be Torpedo running around the city in a wet suit, complete with diving flippers. Snow Job gets that same treatment now and then, so here he is outside of the Arctic, dressed more appropriately. There may be more of this theme coming soon. Click the image for full size.


Snake-Eyes in green

Here’s a look at how Snake-Eyes may have dressed if he hadn’t been injured and ended up more like the rest of the original members of G.I. Joe. Click the image for the full size view.


1995 Ace (?) and Footloose

Here are two more designs based on unproduced figures, one definitely part of the proposed Battle Rangers series, the other comes from wrapping paper of all places. The first unnamed character looks like a version of Ace, the other is Battle Rangers Footloose. See them here and here at These more recent creations are much bigger than the Baroness image, so click to enlarge.

Ace-1995  Footloose-1995

Baroness 1995 figure

We’re starting off with something based on a real concept from Hasbro, an almost-produced Baroness figure that would’ve been part of the cancelled 1995 Battle Rangers line. has figure mock-ups here and here, as well as a fuzzy view of the card artwork. This combines those three versions.

Welcome to Joe Concepts

This blog will feature new designs and concepts for the various characters of G.I. Joe. This site is all in fun and is just intended to showcase some new ideas for the toy / comic / cartoon franchise. Most images you will see here are created with an online character creator.

New concepts will be posted here as long as someone’s interested!

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