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Cartoon Joes – Teiko and Amber

Today’s update is based on some obscure characters from the Sunbow cartoon series who were never Joes, but maybe could’ve been. First is Teiko Sasaki (her full name revealed in G.I. Joe vs. Cobra: The Essential Guide), who appeared in the episode “Cobra Quake” as a martial arts trainee working with Quick Kick and Bazooka in Japan. She wasn’t necessarily a real Joe, but she was listed in the World War III team roster. Next up is another connection to Quick Kick, his girlfriend Amber from “Lasers in the Night.” She caused trouble by (ridiculously easily) sneaking into G.I. Joe headquarters because she wanted to join the team, and this is the outfit she used with added gear. I figure she could be an Infiltration Specialist or something. Click the thumbnails for larger images.

Teiko-GIJoe Amber-GIJoe


Super Joes!

It’s been a while, and this new updated is something different. What I think is a fun concept, G.I. Joe characters if they were traditional comic book superheroes and villains. I’ll probably come up with some others in the future, too. First, we have Scarlett as a “archer” hero, then Cobra Commander even more flamboyantly dressed than usual.

Scarlett-Superhero10 CC-supervillainA


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