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Unreleased Hasbro designs revealed

The website has a podcast interview up with Sam Wells, in which they talk about some unreleased designs from the G.I. Joe vs. Cobra era of figure in the 2000s. The site displays some of the images with a few comments. I intend to remake at least a couple of these designs that catch my eye.


Replicator Hawk and Gung-Ho

Continuing with more Replicators, we have Hawk and Gung-Ho. Like the Duke concept earlier, these are based on a few blurry photos of concept art and prototype figures. The colors here are an attempt to match the color artwork, in which the characters are obscured by the aliens. Gung-Ho’s helmet is included while Hawk’s is not, because they’re hard to recreate.

Hawk-replicator  Gung-Ho-replicator2
(Click to enlarge.)

Replicator Duke and IDW’s Copperback

It’s been awhile, so time for a double update. First up is a unusual concept that would’ve extended Star Brigade, the Replicator version of Duke. Apparently, Replicators were to be duplicates of Joes controlled by aliens. They would’ve had a weird alien-bursting-out feature, but this is simply human Duke in the uniform seen in the artwork. (See various Replicators at

The second figure is an original character from IDW’s G.I. Joe, Copperback. She was a scientist working for Destro until he killed her father, and she joined Cobra. Later on the Joes freed her to help find Destro. This is an original costume design since she really didn’t have one in the comic.

Duke-replicator3  Copperback
(Click to enlarge)

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