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Grunt design timeline

Here’s a little experiment with something new on the site. While not including original concepts, this is a character design timeline for Grunt, with eleven different looks for the character over the years. With Grunt being a smaller profile character, just imagine how many looks for a character like Duke we could end up with. Opinions on whether this is a series that people may be interested in are greatly appreciated!


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New “realistic” Raptor

Raptor is way up at the top of the list of most ridiculously dressed G.I. Joe figure. He is basically 100% comic book super villain. Here’s a new version of Raptor that makes him into a flying soldier with backpack glider. No feathers in sight.


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Alice, battlefield technician

One of the most obscure G.I. Joe characters out there shows up and speaks in one episode of the old cartoon series. In “Lasers in the Night,” Lady Jaye talks to Alice, the technician working on her Skystriker. It’s strange for one of the support staff to get a name and some lines, but Alice was singled out for some reason.

First, we have Alice as she originally appeared, and then I gave her a full-Joe redesign as a “Battlefield Technician.” Sort of the G.I. Joe version of the Techno-Viper. I didn’t come up with a code name for her, but feel free to make up your own! 🙂

Alice-TV1  Alice-2
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