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New Grunt and Breaker

New designs for the original 13 Joes continue! Today we have Grunt and Breaker.

Grunt-NEW  Breaker-NEW

(Click to enlarge)


New Scarlett and Steeler

Here are two more new designs for the original thirteen Joes. This time it’s Scarlett and Steeler. Scarlett’s black beret (used by Rangers in the 1980s) is appropriate, since her filecard mentions she was in Ranger School.

Scarlett-NEW  Steeler-NEW

(Click to enlarge)

New Zap and Short-Fuze

These two concepts may be the start of more updates for the original thirteen Joes, some who have gotten new figures over the years, some who haven’t. We start with Zap and Short-Fuze.

Zap-NEW  Short-Fuze-NEW

(Click to enlarge)

Iron Grenadiers Baroness

After spending so much time with Destro, it’s surprising how the Baroness is always shown as a member of Cobra. Why not give her a proper uniform to fight alongside the Iron Grenadiers? (This design has a lot of gray and black, so details may hide a bit depending on your monitor brightness.)


(Click to enlarge)

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