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Scarlett design timeline

A while back, I posted a Grunt character timeline. This time around, we’re going way too far with a Scarlett timeline with 34 different variations! This was being worked on ever since the Grunt timeline.


(Click to enlarge – a lot!)


Arctic Alpine

Today we’ve got a new version of Alpine, this time ready for a snowier mountain than usual.


(Click to enlarge)

New Airborne

No special concept here, just a new version of Airborne.


(Click to enlarge)

Unproduced Baroness (upgrade)

The very first design posted here was a version of the Baroness based on an unproduced figure from 1995. That was a smaller image, in an older style than most of the others here. I finally got around to an “upgrade.”


(Click to enlarge)

G.I. Joe is there!

Just a quick little GIF for fun. Give it time to load…


(Click to enlarge)

New Snake-Eyes

This site isn’t usually updated daily, but when a new design is ready, it’s put up. Now we have the last of the New Original 13 series. This time it’s the late (depending on what you’re watching or reading), great Snake-Eyes! The intent here was to make something different and not copy all the very similar Snake-Eyes designs.


(Click to enlarge)

To see all the other original 13 designs you can click the tag below for the whole category. And thanks to all the people who liked the Facebook page!

New Stalker and Hawk

Almost near the end of the original 13 Joes! Today it’s Stalker and Hawk. And after that, the next post will feature one last unimportant, unpopular character… 🙂

StalkerNEW  Hawk-NEW

(Click to enlarge)


New Grand Slam and Rock & Roll

More of the new original 13 Joes! This time we have Grand Slam (who is all jet pack trooper and not a Flash clone) and Rock & Roll. And like this site’s Facebook page to get all the updates.

GrandSlam-NEW  RocknRoll-NEW

(Click to enlarge)

Now on Facebook

imagesHello, all! Now, if you want to follow this blog in another way, we have our own page on Facebook. For now, the page will mostly be used to alert fans when the blog is updated.

Head here to get to the page, or just search for Joe Concepts:

New Clutch and Flash

Next up for the new original 13 redesigns are Clutch and Flash. (Don’t forget to leave a comment, if you have something to say.)

Clutch-NEW  Flash-NEW

(Click to enlarge)

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