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Zartan (Invisible)

Today’s design: Zartan when he turns invisible. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! ūüôā


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Find Your Fate Joe

Back in the ’80s, nearly every licensed children’s characters had their own line of books that gave readers different options to choose, sending you to a different page number to continue the adventure or end it abruptly. Choose Your Own Adventure was the most popular line, but G.I. Joe had 20 Find Your Fate books. Each one included a young member of the team that represented the reader. The character’s look in the illustrations was essentially the same for every book; a generic young soldier in¬†fatigues.

So, here they are:
Bombshell, Brainstorm, Break-In, Cat, Commando, Compass, Delta, Dog Ear, Genius, Headset, Hotshot, Lightning, Outlaw, Presto, Spider, Sting, Wheels, Wiseguy (he appeared twice), and Zapper.


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G.I. Joe Recruit

Today we get really obscure with this character design. Inspired by the page, it’s a G.I. Joe recruit as seen in Hasbro’s offer,¬†Mission “Stars ‘n Stripes”, which you can see here at the 3DJoes site (Scroll down a bit).

UPDATE: These recruits actually made a second appearance in a 1987 offer you can see on this page.

JoeRecruit1  JoeRecruit2

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New Scar-face

A character from the early days of Marvel’s G.I. Joe, back when there weren’t yet many individual Cobra characters. Scar-face was killed in the comic, but here’s an alternate version of him as a mercenary. Or maybe, as happens in comic books, he could turn out to be alive and come back for revenge on G.I. Joe and Cobra!


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