New concepts for an American Hero

Find Your Fate Joe

Back in the ’80s, nearly every licensed children’s characters had their own line of books that gave readers different options to choose, sending you to a different page number to continue the adventure or end it abruptly. Choose Your Own Adventure was the most popular line, but G.I. Joe had 20 Find Your Fate books. Each one included a young member of the team that represented the reader. The character’s look in the illustrations was essentially the same for every book; a generic young soldier in fatigues.

So, here they are:
Bombshell, Brainstorm, Break-In, Cat, Commando, Compass, Delta, Dog Ear, Genius, Headset, Hotshot, Lightning, Outlaw, Presto, Spider, Sting, Wheels, Wiseguy (he appeared twice), and Zapper.


(Click to enlarge)


Comments on: "Find Your Fate Joe" (3)

  1. Should I be seeing more than one picture?

  2. OMG! I had the one with Zapper!

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