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Ace and Cold Weather Wild Bill

Continuing on with making some new versions of the 1983 Joes, here is a new Ace, and Wild Bill ready for cold weather.

Ace-NEW-BG Wild-Bill-ColdWeathe-BG

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The complete new original 13

A while back I posted new designs for the first 13 members of G.I. Joe. Just for fun, here’s a group shot.


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Raven (G.I. Joe)

Several times here I’ve gone back to the old Sunbow cartoon for inspiration. This time we go back to the second season episode “In the Presence of Mine Enemies”, in which Slip-Stream is stranded on a dangerous island with a female Strato-Viper, code named Raven. The two join forces to survive and in the end Raven rips the Cobra insignia off her uniform. Slip-Stream even suggests she may be a recruit. So here she is, Raven as a G.I. Joe in a more vintage-style uniform.


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