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New Thunderwing

Wow, three posts in three days! Today is another of the redesigned clones from 1998, the Thunder repaint, tank commander Thunderwing.


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New Wet Down

Here is another redesign of one of the “clone” G.I. Joe action figures released around 2000. The Navy SEAL Wet Down was a repaint of Torpedo, and this time even the colors weren’t that different.


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Fury Force – Brujo and Lilah Galil

Continuing with Larry Hama’s Fury Force, here’s Brujo and Lilah Galil. Lilah is shown in some concept art riding a motorcycle.

ff-brujo ff-lilahgalil

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Worlds Without End – Baroness

The most obviously different character in the “Worlds Without End” universe is the Baroness, who is not only a double agent trying stop Cobra but in a relationship with Steeler. (Also, she apparently wears contacts.) Here we have the Baroness if she later completely left Cobra in that world and began working with the Joes.


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Worlds Without End

Here’s yet another theme, characters inspired by the memorable two-part G.I. Joe cartoon episode “Worlds Without End,” featuring an alternate universe where Cobra as defeated G.I. Joe. “This” world’s Clutch, Grunt and Steeler decide to stay behind to fight Cobra there. These designs are those three Joes fighting the Cobra empire as rebels.

wwend-clutch wwend-grunt wwend-steeler

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New Whiteout

Fury Force will continue later, but now we go back to new versions of the renamed “cloned” figures from the year 2000. Before starting this I had forgotten that we did get a new Whiteout in 2010 that used some new parts, but here’s another version, anyway…


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Fury Force!

Many G.I. Joe fans know that the 1980’s G.I. Joe concept incorporated some ideas from Larry Hama’s proposed military series, Fury Force. The comic would’ve starred the son of Nick Fury and his team of elite soldiers. You can find more about it easily online. I though it would be fun to recreate Hama’s initial Fury Force sketches.

Today, we start we start with a very early Snake-Eyes-like character Spook, and a big guy with a familiar name, Steeler.

FF-Spook  FF-Steeler

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New Zandar

For the first design in a long while, here’s Zandar. It has some elements of the original, with a little Devil’s Due mixed in, with some toned down colors. I hope no one misses the pink…


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