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Combat Keel-Haul

Here’s a new version of Admiral Keel-Haul, this time wearing something closer to an actual uniform you may find Navy officers wearing on a ship. I kind of imagine here the admiral has to quickly arm himself when Cobra boards his aircraft carrier.

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Crankcase – Slaughter’s Marauders

This “repaint” figure is another member of Slaughter’s Marauders. Despite having a few vehicles as part of the team, the Marauders had no official driver, so Crankcase has been given the job. Here he is alongside his original figure design.


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Cobra Tank Commander

Before the HISS tanks appeared, Cobra did have regular style tanks in the comic books. So, why not a Tank Commander based on the Cobra Stinger Driver mixed with a traditional army tank driver uniform?

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New Python Officer

This repaint is actually an update to an older Python Patrol figure. This Python Officer is updated to match the colors of second version of the sub team released in 2003. One confusing aspect of this figure was it was actually based on the 1983 Cobra trooper and not the Officer, so the second image is of the original trooper.


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Python Patrol Buzzer

Moving on with more figure “repaints”, here’s a follow-up to Python Patrol Zarana, another Dreadnok, Buzzer. As usual, he’s here alongside the original Buzzer.


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