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Slaughter’s Marauders Rock ‘n Roll

Let’s go back to some repaints. This time it’s Rock ‘n Roll joining Slaughter’s Marauders. But this time, we’re basing it on the variation of Marauders’ uniforms as seen in the DIC cartoon series. As usual, we have the original Rock ‘n Roll here, too.


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All Joes Ever Animated – UPDATE

A viewer of the recent “All Joes Ever Animated” video was observant enough to notice that I was missing one member of G.I. Joe: Breaker! I have since corrected the video, but unfortunately the rules of Youtube do not allow me to simply replace an existing video. A new one has to be uploaded. I did that and added some messages directing viewers to this new video…

Cobra Commander – Jungle Assault Squad

Continuing the Cobra jungle-themed sub team from a while back, here’s Cobra Commander as part of the Jungle Assault Squad.

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Stealth Jinx

There isn’t really much of a concept behind this beyond a new version of Jinx, but it turned out to be dark and maybe a little sinister, so Stealth Jinx seemed like a good description!

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Star Brigade Flash

Not much more to say here beyond… Here’s Star Brigade Flash!

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Star Brigade Lifeline

Star Brigade is one of G.I. Joe’s most infamous sub-teams. It included a lot of over the top designs, and many simple repaints, but I never thought it was a terrible concept. So, just on a whim I thought about making some new members, so here we have Lifeline, Star Brigade medic.

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