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Grand Slam, SLAM driver

We continue the driver series with one that admittedly is a bit of a cheat. This design for original team member Grand Slam is based on his appearances in G.I. JOE #59, the first issue to feature the SLAM vehicle. (The vehicle image here is borrowed from the really great website.)

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Zarana, Dreadnok Cycle driver

Back to giving a bad guys’ vehicle a driver it never had, with a version of Zarana to drive the Dreadnok Cycle!  (Vehicle photo from

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Steeler, Armadillo driver

The next vehicle driver is the team’s original tank driver, Steeler, assigned to drive the Armadillo mini-tank. He’s looking a little less formal, wearing a hat from his hometown’s NFL team, the Pittsburgh Steelers.

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Wild Weasel, Flight Pod pilot

Adding to the list of drivers for vehicles that weren’t sold with them, we’ve got a new Wild Weasel ready to pilot the Cobra Flight Pod — aka the “Trubble Bubble.” (Vehicle photo from

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Spirit, Recon Sled driver

Another drivers-for-vehicles-without-them post, here is Spirit. And what better vehicle for a tracker than the LCV Recon Sled? One of the toy lines’ strangest but unique vehicles. And again, here’s a vehicle pic from!

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