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Grand Slam, SLAM driver

We continue the driver series with one that admittedly is a bit of a cheat. This design for original team member Grand Slam is based on his appearances in G.I. JOE #59, the first issue to feature the SLAM vehicle. (The vehicle image here is borrowed from the really great website.)

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Steeler, Armadillo driver

The next vehicle driver is the team’s original tank driver, Steeler, assigned to drive the Armadillo mini-tank. He’s looking a little less formal, wearing a hat from his hometown’s NFL team, the Pittsburgh Steelers.

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Tiger Force Clutch

Continuing our Tiger Force repaints, here is Clutch (along with his original design). The sub-team had the Tiger Sting, a repainted version of the Vamp Mk II. Who better to drive it?

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Slaughter’s Marauders Stalker

Once again, another “repaint” based on a figure’s first design. This time, Stalker has joined Slaughter’s Marauders. Here he is, next to his original look.

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Steel Brigade Grand Slam

The somewhat obscure Steel Brigade Command action figure set came with the expected generic troopers, but also included Gung-Ho and Dragonsky as commanders. A while back we had a Scarlett “repaint” here, and now we have a similarly themed Grand Slam.


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Tiger Force Steeler

Another action figure “repaint”, this time the team’s original tank commander, Steeler, gets a Tiger Force makeover. Here he is alongside his original design.


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Slaughter’s Marauders Rock ‘n Roll

Let’s go back to some repaints. This time it’s Rock ‘n Roll joining Slaughter’s Marauders. But this time, we’re basing it on the variation of Marauders’ uniforms as seen in the DIC cartoon series. As usual, we have the original Rock ‘n Roll here, too.


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Cobra Commander – Jungle Assault Squad

Continuing the Cobra jungle-themed sub team from a while back, here’s Cobra Commander as part of the Jungle Assault Squad.

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Star Brigade Flash

Not much more to say here beyond… Here’s Star Brigade Flash!

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Baroness – Jungle Assault Squad

We continue Cobra’s Jungle Assault Squad with the Baroness, a character that has rarely had any design that strayed too far from the original.

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(Evil) Breaker and Grunt

Sometimes the designs on this site are based on half an idea that sounds like fun. Here we have kind of a “mirror universe” where G.I. Joe is evil and Cobras are the good guys. These are pretty simple mostly “repaint” designs of Grunt looking more like a Cobra trooper, and a Tele-Vipery Breaker.


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New Python Officer

This repaint is actually an update to an older Python Patrol figure. This Python Officer is updated to match the colors of second version of the sub team released in 2003. One confusing aspect of this figure was it was actually based on the 1983 Cobra trooper and not the Officer, so the second image is of the original trooper.


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Snake-Eyes – Trimpe concept

The second post featuring early Herb Trimpe concept art for the original G.I. Joe. Here we have Snake-Eyes, looking mysterious but with his face visible. Colors here have to be improvised, so I gave him an appropriately dark outfit, but didn’t go all black like the final version of the character.

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Scarlett and Zap – Herb Trimpe concepts

Months back, the G.I. Joe Museum Facebook page posted concept art of some of the original G.I. Joe characters as designed by Marvel’s first G.I. Joe artist, Herb Trimpe. also posted the images here on their site. It is interesting to see that some of these are very similar to what eventually appeared, but some are not. Many do not even resemble Hasbro’s eventual action figure designs. In my mind, these could be seen as young versions of the Joes at the very start of the team. Here we have Scarlett and Zap based off Trimpe’s concepts.


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Steel Brigade Command Scarlett

Another repaint sub-team is about as obscure as they come. The Steel Brigade Command set came with the expected generic soldiers, but also included Gung-Ho and Dragonsky. Here is Scarlett in a similar design to those figures, based on her original 1982 figure.


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Polar Force Zap

This repaint design is cheating a little, since Polar Force was invented just for this web site. Here we have Zap as a member of that team, beside the original 1982 version.


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Hawk, Anti-Venom Task Force

Here we go with another “repaint” figure, this time it’s 1982 Hawk as a member of the Anti-Venom Task Force, a six-figure set from 2004. See it here on It’s a fairly obscure team, but with some interesting colors. As before, the original version of Hawk is here, too.


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Night Force Short-Fuze

Two days in a row? Here is another of the G.I. Joe repaints, turning original figure designs into one of the many Joe sub-teams. Today it’s Night Force Short-Fuze, alongside the original version.


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Slaughter’s Marauders Flash

As I did earlier with Grunt and Breaker joining Tiger Force, this time around we have the original Flash “repainted” as a member of Slaughter’s Marauders, the very strangely colored sub-team from 1989. This time, I’ve included the original version of Flash, too.


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Tiger Force Breaker

Some more fun using the original action figure designs, and making some “repaints.” This time we’ve got Tiger Force Breaker.

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Tiger Force Grunt

I was trying to faithfully recreate some of the original G.I. Joe action figure designs, but figured seeing the unchanged designs on this site would be somewhat boring content. So, here is Tiger Force Grunt, as if he were a repainted version of the original 1982 figure.

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Snake-Eyes & Cover Girl – Polar Force

Sub-teams in G.I. Joe are one way to be inspired to create some alternate designs for characters. This site may invent more as a common theme for characters. Here we have Polar Force, another excuse for the often popular “arctic” theme, along with their own polar bear patch. To start, here’s Snake-Eyes and Cover Girl.


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Oktober Guard, Pt 8 – Horror Show

And finally, the last member of the Oktober Guard. Horror Show the Georgian is probably the most memorable of the team besides Daina, and was one of the most prominent in the original G.I. Joe cartoon series. He was designed here with an attempt to make him look bigger than the usual characters seen here.

(Click here)

Oktober Guard, Pt 5 – Brekhov

Getting back to the Oktober Guard, here is original team leader, Colonel Brekhov. As before, these designs ignore the stories so this is a modern Brekhov despite the character dying in the comics years ago. The Colonel was born in Ukraine so these days he wouldn’t technically be Russian. His design includes a Ukraine flag and a symbol of its armed forces.

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Oktober Guard, Pt 3 – Daina

Next up for the updated Oktober Guard is maybe the best known member, Daina, who survived the deaths of most of the original Guard, and even joined the G.I. Joe team as “Vorona” in the Devil’s Due series. She’s got her sniper rifle here, and an attempt at Czech Army insignia on her uniform.

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Oktober Guard, Part 1

After creating mostly Joes and a few Cobras, let’s change things up with new designs for the Soviet Union’s equivalent of G.I. Joe, the Oktober Guard. We have seen them since the fall of the USSR, though it doesn’t really make sense for them to still exist. Though most of the original Guard was killed in Larry Hama’s comic we’re still using the originals here, and giving them updated uniforms including the flags and some uniform details of their modern home countries.

To start we have Stormavik the Russian, and Schrage the (formerly East) German:


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Clutch – Urban Assault Team

The newest member of the Urban Assault Team, Clutch. The original G.I. Joe driver seems like a good choice to be speeding through the city to backup the team.

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Worlds Without End

Here’s yet another theme, characters inspired by the memorable two-part G.I. Joe cartoon episode “Worlds Without End,” featuring an alternate universe where Cobra as defeated G.I. Joe. “This” world’s Clutch, Grunt and Steeler decide to stay behind to fight Cobra there. These designs are those three Joes fighting the Cobra empire as rebels.

wwend-clutch wwend-grunt wwend-steeler

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The complete new original 13

A while back I posted new designs for the first 13 members of G.I. Joe. Just for fun, here’s a group shot.


(Click to enlarge)

Sunbow Snake-Eyes

It’s been a while since an update, but busy things in the real world take precedence. Plus, the Scarlett timeline was very popular and another is now in the works. Consider this a preview of that. It’s the original Sunbow cartoon version of Snake-Eyes, likely the first version many fans ever saw. It’s easy to assume he was made so colorful to avoid a bland all-black character on a kids’ cartoon. It has a certain charm, including Snake’s bare hands.


(Click to enlarge)

Sigma 6 Scarlett concept

While Scarlett‘s Sigma 6 design was seen on the design timeline, today we have a concept a figure for one of the small secondary Sigma 6 “2.5 inch Mission Series.” The design can be seen on this page from 2009.


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Scarlett design timeline

A while back, I posted a Grunt character timeline. This time around, we’re going way too far with a Scarlett timeline with 34 different variations! This was being worked on ever since the Grunt timeline.


(Click to enlarge – a lot!)

New Snake-Eyes

This site isn’t usually updated daily, but when a new design is ready, it’s put up. Now we have the last of the New Original 13 series. This time it’s the late (depending on what you’re watching or reading), great Snake-Eyes! The intent here was to make something different and not copy all the very similar Snake-Eyes designs.


(Click to enlarge)

To see all the other original 13 designs you can click the tag below for the whole category. And thanks to all the people who liked the Facebook page!

New Stalker and Hawk

Almost near the end of the original 13 Joes! Today it’s Stalker and Hawk. And after that, the next post will feature one last unimportant, unpopular character… 🙂

StalkerNEW  Hawk-NEW

(Click to enlarge)


New Grand Slam and Rock & Roll

More of the new original 13 Joes! This time we have Grand Slam (who is all jet pack trooper and not a Flash clone) and Rock & Roll. And like this site’s Facebook page to get all the updates.

GrandSlam-NEW  RocknRoll-NEW

(Click to enlarge)

New Clutch and Flash

Next up for the new original 13 redesigns are Clutch and Flash. (Don’t forget to leave a comment, if you have something to say.)

Clutch-NEW  Flash-NEW

(Click to enlarge)

New Grunt and Breaker

New designs for the original 13 Joes continue! Today we have Grunt and Breaker.

Grunt-NEW  Breaker-NEW

(Click to enlarge)

New Scarlett and Steeler

Here are two more new designs for the original thirteen Joes. This time it’s Scarlett and Steeler. Scarlett’s black beret (used by Rangers in the 1980s) is appropriate, since her filecard mentions she was in Ranger School.

Scarlett-NEW  Steeler-NEW

(Click to enlarge)

New Zap and Short-Fuze

These two concepts may be the start of more updates for the original thirteen Joes, some who have gotten new figures over the years, some who haven’t. We start with Zap and Short-Fuze.

Zap-NEW  Short-Fuze-NEW

(Click to enlarge)

Grunt design timeline

Here’s a little experiment with something new on the site. While not including original concepts, this is a character design timeline for Grunt, with eleven different looks for the character over the years. With Grunt being a smaller profile character, just imagine how many looks for a character like Duke we could end up with. Opinions on whether this is a series that people may be interested in are greatly appreciated!


(Click to enlarge)

Unproduced Hawk plus Greenshirt upgrade

First up is an unused design from concept art post at the JoeDeclassified Facebook page a while back. The drawing is labeled “Missile Specialist” though the page says it’s General Hawk. I’m not sure it looks like Hawk, but his first figure had that specialty. It’s also uncertain what era the design is from. It’s definitely an unusual design. In addition, I’ve put up a new “upgrade” to my male Greenshirt image. All that’s new is the collar, which I wasn’t really happy with before.

GeneralHawk-concept  Greenshirt-upg-TV1

(Click to enlarge.)

Replicator Hawk and Gung-Ho

Continuing with more Replicators, we have Hawk and Gung-Ho. Like the Duke concept earlier, these are based on a few blurry photos of concept art and prototype figures. The colors here are an attempt to match the color artwork, in which the characters are obscured by the aliens. Gung-Ho’s helmet is included while Hawk’s is not, because they’re hard to recreate.

Hawk-replicator  Gung-Ho-replicator2
(Click to enlarge.)

Supervillains – Destro and Baroness

Another edition of Joes (or Cobras) redesigned as superheroes (or supervillains), this time it’s Destro and the Baroness. Granted, many members of Cobra has outfits that make them look like they could be the next enemy Batman or Spider-Man encounters, but it’s still fun to redesign them. (Click to enlarge)

Destro-superhero7 Baroness-supervillain

1995 Flint and “Original 13” Scarlett

A two-for-one post today. First up is the unproduced Battle Rangers Flint that would’ve appeared in 1995, and then like with an earlier Snake-Eyes post, it’s Scarlett if her original uniform matched better with her male teammates.

UPDATE: Click here to see the page about that Flint figure.

Flint-1995  Scarlett-original

Snake-Eyes in green

Here’s a look at how Snake-Eyes may have dressed if he hadn’t been injured and ended up more like the rest of the original members of G.I. Joe. Click the image for the full size view.


Baroness 1995 figure

We’re starting off with something based on a real concept from Hasbro, an almost-produced Baroness figure that would’ve been part of the cancelled 1995 Battle Rangers line. has figure mock-ups here and here, as well as a fuzzy view of the card artwork. This combines those three versions.

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