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Oktober Guard, Pt 5 – Brekhov

Getting back to the Oktober Guard, here is original team leader, Colonel Brekhov. As before, these designs ignore the stories so this is a modern Brekhov despite the character dying in the comics years ago. The Colonel was born in Ukraine so these days he wouldn’t technically be Russian. His design includes a Ukraine flag and a symbol of its armed forces.

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Oktober Guard, Pt 3 – Daina

Next up for the updated Oktober Guard is maybe the best known member, Daina, who survived the deaths of most of the original Guard, and even joined the G.I. Joe team as “Vorona” in the Devil’s Due series. She’s got her sniper rifle here, and an attempt at Czech Army insignia on her uniform.

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Oktober Guard, Part 1

After creating mostly Joes and a few Cobras, let’s change things up with new designs for the Soviet Union’s equivalent of G.I. Joe, the Oktober Guard. We have seen them since the fall of the USSR, though it doesn’t really make sense for them to still exist. Though most of the original Guard was killed in Larry Hama’s comic we’re still using the originals here, and giving them updated uniforms including the flags and some uniform details of their modern home countries.

To start we have Stormavik the Russian, and Schrage the (formerly East) German:


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Clutch – Urban Assault Team

The newest member of the Urban Assault Team, Clutch. The original G.I. Joe driver seems like a good choice to be speeding through the city to backup the team.

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Worlds Without End

Here’s yet another theme, characters inspired by the memorable two-part G.I. Joe cartoon episode “Worlds Without End,” featuring an alternate universe where Cobra as defeated G.I. Joe. “This” world’s Clutch, Grunt and Steeler decide to stay behind to fight Cobra there. These designs are those three Joes fighting the Cobra empire as rebels.

wwend-clutch wwend-grunt wwend-steeler

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The complete new original 13

A while back I posted new designs for the first 13 members of G.I. Joe. Just for fun, here’s a group shot.


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Sunbow Snake-Eyes

It’s been a while since an update, but busy things in the real world take precedence. Plus, the Scarlett timeline was very popular and another is now in the works. Consider this a preview of that. It’s the original Sunbow cartoon version of Snake-Eyes, likely the first version many fans ever saw. It’s easy to assume he was made so colorful to avoid a bland all-black character on a kids’ cartoon. It has a certain charm, including Snake’s bare hands.


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