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Fast Draw, R.P.V. Driver

It’s been a little while, but here we are with another driver for a vehicle that came without one, missile specialist Fast Draw driving the R.P.V. (Remote Piloted Vehicle), which launches a drone back before drone warfare become such a big thing. (Vehicle image comes from

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Stealth Jinx

There isn’t really much of a concept behind this beyond a new version of Jinx, but it turned out to be dark and maybe a little sinister, so Stealth Jinx seemed like a good description!

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New Rumbler

Wow, two updates in two days! Today’s concept is for an obscure character that came with the remote control Crossfire vehicle, Rumbler. I don’t think he ever showed up in any stories (the Marvel comic incorrectly used his code name for Armadillo instead), and he’s just a cobbled together figure. This is somewhat inspired by Rumbler being the latest Joe featured at This new Rumbler is based on a NASCAR driver, combining those colorful logo-covered outfits with some military details.


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New “realistic” Raptor

Raptor is way up at the top of the list of most ridiculously dressed G.I. Joe figure. He is basically 100% comic book super villain. Here’s a new version of Raptor that makes him into a flying soldier with backpack glider. No feathers in sight.


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Unproduced Low-Light and Outback

Two more of the recently revealed G.I. Joe vs Cobra figure concepts: Low Light and Outback. I must admit these two aren’t my favorite designs, but I tried capturing them accurately:

Low-Light-concept Outback-concept
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Unproduced Jinx

First up from the handful of recently revealed, unused character designs is Jinx. The actual Jinx released in this era was a more traditional ninja design. I think I like this unique version best out of these unused concepts.

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