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New Vypra, Cobra courier

Another of the “clone” action figures released in The Real American Hero Collection of 1997-2002, Vypra has appeared a few times since, always as a Jinx repaint. That includes a 2015 release. Here, some earlier Vypra elements remain, but most ninja elements are gone.

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New Thunderwing

Wow, three posts in three days! Today is another of the redesigned clones from 1998, the Thunder repaint, tank commander Thunderwing.


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New Wet Down

Here is another redesign of one of the “clone” G.I. Joe action figures released around 2000. The Navy SEAL Wet Down was a repaint of Torpedo, and this time even the colors weren’t that different.


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New Whiteout

Fury Force will continue later, but now we go back to new versions of the renamed “cloned” figures from the year 2000. Before starting this I had forgotten that we did get a new Whiteout in 2010 that used some new parts, but here’s another version, anyway…


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New Side Track

Continuing the redesigns of the “identical twins” figures from the early-2000s, here is Side Track, originally a repainted Ambush. Not to be confused with… Sidetrack. Yes, two unique characters released two years apart have names differentiated only by a space in the middle.

Side Track-NEW

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New Double Blast

Around the year 2000, G.I. Joe returned as Toys R Us exclusives. Much of the new toys were simple repaints and many got mixed reviews. Some were old figures with new names and identities, so this is an attempt to fix that. Here’s Double Blast, no longer Roadblock’s identical twin.


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