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Tiger Force Sparks

An often-forgotten member of G.I. Joe is Sparks, who showed up in a few episodes of the original cartoon as another communications soldier, got no action figure, and didn’t appear again until a Devil’s Due comic in the 2000s, then made more comic appearances after that. He got a figure finally in 2007, but was built from other figures’ parts. This version is based on the cartoon, and his new Tiger Force design is inspired by the brightly-colored Action Force version of that team.


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Oktober Guard, Pt 2

The updated Oktober Guard continues, this time with some lesser-known members. First, one of the replacement members from the Marvel days, Lt. Gorky of the Russian Naval Infantry’s Black Sea Fleet. Even more obscure is Wong, the only Chinese member, appearing in a single episode of the ’80s G.I. Joe cartoon. He was mostly used as comic relief. This version sticks with the “cowboy” design but with a more military tone.


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Gung-Ho character design timeline

This has only been done twice before, once for Grunt, and a much longer one for Scarlett. Gung-Ho‘s character design timeline includes 24 variations of the Cajun Marine, though a few simple repaints were left out. Obviously these take a long time to create, but hopefully you’ll see others now and then.

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Worlds Without End – Baroness

The most obviously different character in the “Worlds Without End” universe is the Baroness, who is not only a double agent trying stop Cobra but in a relationship with Steeler. (Also, she apparently wears contacts.) Here we have the Baroness if she later completely left Cobra in that world and began working with the Joes.


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Worlds Without End

Here’s yet another theme, characters inspired by the memorable two-part G.I. Joe cartoon episode “Worlds Without End,” featuring an alternate universe where Cobra as defeated G.I. Joe. “This” world’s Clutch, Grunt and Steeler decide to stay behind to fight Cobra there. These designs are those three Joes fighting the Cobra empire as rebels.

wwend-clutch wwend-grunt wwend-steeler

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Raven (G.I. Joe)

Several times here I’ve gone back to the old Sunbow cartoon for inspiration. This time we go back to the second season episode “In the Presence of Mine Enemies”, in which Slip-Stream is stranded on a dangerous island with a female Strato-Viper, code named Raven. The two join forces to survive and in the end Raven rips the Cobra insignia off her uniform. Slip-Stream even suggests she may be a recruit. So here she is, Raven as a G.I. Joe in a more vintage-style uniform.


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Sunbow Snake-Eyes

It’s been a while since an update, but busy things in the real world take precedence. Plus, the Scarlett timeline was very popular and another is now in the works. Consider this a preview of that. It’s the original Sunbow cartoon version of Snake-Eyes, likely the first version many fans ever saw. It’s easy to assume he was made so colorful to avoid a bland all-black character on a kids’ cartoon. It has a certain charm, including Snake’s bare hands.


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G.I. Joe is there!

Just a quick little GIF for fun. Give it time to load…


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Honda Lou, Transport Specialist

One of those unusual characters who crossed paths with G.I. Joe in the cartoon days, Honda Lou West was inside a truck when Cobra stole one of her food-hauling convoys. Here, I’m seeing Honda Lou joining G.I. Joe’s support staff, and I guess she’s kind of like a female Wild Bill.


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Grunt design timeline

Here’s a little experiment with something new on the site. While not including original concepts, this is a character design timeline for Grunt, with eleven different looks for the character over the years. With Grunt being a smaller profile character, just imagine how many looks for a character like Duke we could end up with. Opinions on whether this is a series that people may be interested in are greatly appreciated!


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Alice, battlefield technician

One of the most obscure G.I. Joe characters out there shows up and speaks in one episode of the old cartoon series. In “Lasers in the Night,” Lady Jaye talks to Alice, the technician working on her Skystriker. It’s strange for one of the support staff to get a name and some lines, but Alice was singled out for some reason.

First, we have Alice as she originally appeared, and then I gave her a full-Joe redesign as a “Battlefield Technician.” Sort of the G.I. Joe version of the Techno-Viper. I didn’t come up with a code name for her, but feel free to make up your own! 🙂

Alice-TV1  Alice-2
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IDW Dial-Tone and promoted Cadet Deming

Today we have two variations on existing female characters. First we have then new Dial-tone (sometimes identified as the first Dial-tone’s sister) in a uniform like the original’s. And then it’s the memorable Siegie trainee from the cartoon’s “There’s No Place Like Springfield,” Cadet Deming, imagined as a full Crimson Guard officer.

DT-IDW  Deming

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Unproduced Hawk plus Greenshirt upgrade

First up is an unused design from concept art post at the JoeDeclassified Facebook page a while back. The drawing is labeled “Missile Specialist” though the page says it’s General Hawk. I’m not sure it looks like Hawk, but his first figure had that specialty. It’s also uncertain what era the design is from. It’s definitely an unusual design. In addition, I’ve put up a new “upgrade” to my male Greenshirt image. All that’s new is the collar, which I wasn’t really happy with before.

GeneralHawk-concept  Greenshirt-upg-TV1

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G.I. Joe Ramar and Brittany Van Mark

Finally, another update! This time, we continue the theme of Sunbow cartoon supporting characters as Joes. First, Ramar, the giant Cobra slave Duke had to fight in the first mini-series, then we have Lifeline’s girlfriend Brittany Van Mark, who is revealed to be a helicopter pilot in the cartoon. Her uniform is based on the “fashionable” uniform she buys for Lifeline in that episode.

Ramar1  Brittany-pilot


These aren’t technically new concepts, of course, but they were fun to recreate. Here are the uniform designs for the generic G.I. Joe troopers from the Sunbow cartoon. The men were all over the place, but the woman here is based on one of the characters seen in “Spell of the Siren”, which may have been the only time they appeared. Which is too bad, because their designs are actually much closer to the original thirteen’s standard outfits. If the female “greenshirts” appeared in any other episodes, correct me in the comments.

Greenshirt TV1  Greenshirt TV1-Female

Combat Col. Sharp & Dr. Biggles-Jones

Following up on the cartoon redesigns, here is Colonel Sharp in combat gear. This could be Sharp’s makeshift uniform when he is forced back into the field during some emergency. Then we have the weirdly-named Dr. Biggles-Jones from the Scarlett undercover / Transformers: Generation 2 storyline. I see her as an experimental weapons expert if she had joined the Joes. Devil’s Due strangely killed her off-panel. Keep an eye out for more similar redesigns of obscure characters. Please add a comment if you have some thing nice or even not nice to say.

ColSharp Dr.Biggles-Jones


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Cartoon Joes – Teiko and Amber

Today’s update is based on some obscure characters from the Sunbow cartoon series who were never Joes, but maybe could’ve been. First is Teiko Sasaki (her full name revealed in G.I. Joe vs. Cobra: The Essential Guide), who appeared in the episode “Cobra Quake” as a martial arts trainee working with Quick Kick and Bazooka in Japan. She wasn’t necessarily a real Joe, but she was listed in the World War III team roster. Next up is another connection to Quick Kick, his girlfriend Amber from “Lasers in the Night.” She caused trouble by (ridiculously easily) sneaking into G.I. Joe headquarters because she wanted to join the team, and this is the outfit she used with added gear. I figure she could be an Infiltration Specialist or something. Click the thumbnails for larger images.

Teiko-GIJoe Amber-GIJoe

Frostbite and Pythona

It’s been a few days, so here are two more characters. First, it’s another cold weather G.I. Joe ready for warmer climates, Frostbite. And from a more obscure corner of G.I. Joe, here’s a new version of Pythona. This design is maybe a bit more human, and it’s more like she may have appeared in a modern comic book, instead of a kids’ cartoon.

Frostbite-infantry Pythona-A

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