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Wild Weasel, Flight Pod pilot

Adding to the list of drivers for vehicles that weren’t sold with them, we’ve got a new Wild Weasel ready to pilot the Cobra Flight Pod — aka the “Trubble Bubble.” (Vehicle photo from

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Cobra Commander – Jungle Assault Squad

Continuing the Cobra jungle-themed sub team from a while back, here’s Cobra Commander as part of the Jungle Assault Squad.

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Zandar – Jungle Assault Squad

Here we’re continuing the Jungle Assault Squad, but it’s sort of cheating as it’s also a repaint. This is jungle gear Zandar alongside the original.


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Baroness – Jungle Assault Squad

We continue Cobra’s Jungle Assault Squad with the Baroness, a character that has rarely had any design that strayed too far from the original.

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Firefly – Jungle Assault Squad

Placing characters into different environments is always a good way to come up with a new concept. Here we have Cobra saboteur Firefly in a new jungle outfit. This may be the first of a team of “Jungle Assault Squad” Cobra agents.

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Cobra Laser Trooper

Hasbro gave us a Laser-Viper in 1990, but why wouldn’t Cobra have had a Laser Trooper earlier than that? This trooper is based on the idea of what that may have looked like back in 1982.

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Cobra Tank Commander

Before the HISS tanks appeared, Cobra did have regular style tanks in the comic books. So, why not a Tank Commander based on the Cobra Stinger Driver mixed with a traditional army tank driver uniform?

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New Python Officer

This repaint is actually an update to an older Python Patrol figure. This Python Officer is updated to match the colors of second version of the sub team released in 2003. One confusing aspect of this figure was it was actually based on the 1983 Cobra trooper and not the Officer, so the second image is of the original trooper.


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Python Patrol Scrap-Iron

As the G.I. Joe convention rolls on this weekend, featuring some new Python Patrol sets, let’s continue the classic Python Patrol repaints with Scrap-Iron.


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Python Patrol Zarana

Another action figure repaint that never was, Python Patrol Zarana, alongside her original 1986 figure design.


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New Dr. Venom

Here’s a new version of Dr. Venom, this time trying something other than the traditional “scientist in a lab coat” look.

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New Vypra, Cobra courier

Another of the “clone” action figures released in The Real American Hero Collection of 1997-2002, Vypra has appeared a few times since, always as a Jinx repaint. That includes a 2015 release. Here, some earlier Vypra elements remain, but most ninja elements are gone.

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Soldier Serpentor

Now for a sort of random concept. What if Serpentor spent more time on the battlefield and dressed in something more appropriate than his snake “costume”? Here, Serpentor is dressed more like a modern soldier but adds some ancient Roman-style armor and weapons, so he can fight alongside his troops.


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Marcy Malone

Here is a character many have never seen. A while back, cartoonist Ryan Dunlavey provided alternate covers for some of IDW’s G.I. Joe series chronicling the story of Marcy Malone: Intern of Cobra! The only person to join Cobra for the college credits. Click here to see the whole story.


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Worlds Without End – Baroness

The most obviously different character in the “Worlds Without End” universe is the Baroness, who is not only a double agent trying stop Cobra but in a relationship with Steeler. (Also, she apparently wears contacts.) Here we have the Baroness if she later completely left Cobra in that world and began working with the Joes.


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New Zandar

For the first design in a long while, here’s Zandar. It has some elements of the original, with a little Devil’s Due mixed in, with some toned down colors. I hope no one misses the pink…


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Raven (G.I. Joe)

Several times here I’ve gone back to the old Sunbow cartoon for inspiration. This time we go back to the second season episode “In the Presence of Mine Enemies”, in which Slip-Stream is stranded on a dangerous island with a female Strato-Viper, code named Raven. The two join forces to survive and in the end Raven rips the Cobra insignia off her uniform. Slip-Stream even suggests she may be a recruit. So here she is, Raven as a G.I. Joe in a more vintage-style uniform.


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Arctic Major Bludd and Ace (?) from “The Spy Eye”

A two-for-one post today. First up we have Major Bludd in Arctic gear which needs no explanation. Then we have a character design from the front cover of the 1983 childrens’ book, The Spy Eye. I am guessing it is supposed to be Ace since he is the only other Joe character in the book besides Hawk, Steeler and Flash. It’s just as possible it’s not him since the outfit doesn’t match the interior art which has Ace in a non-specific uniform that better fits with the 1982 Joes. Click here to see the whole book on

MajorBludd-Arctic  Ace-TheSpyEye

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New Zartan

Making up for the “joke” of a post last time, here is a new version of Zartan. This is a more high tech design, leaning heavily on the idea that the master of disguise uses holograms embedded in his costume to change his appearance.


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Zartan (Invisible)

Today’s design: Zartan when he turns invisible. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! 🙂


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New Scar-face

A character from the early days of Marvel’s G.I. Joe, back when there weren’t yet many individual Cobra characters. Scar-face was killed in the comic, but here’s an alternate version of him as a mercenary. Or maybe, as happens in comic books, he could turn out to be alive and come back for revenge on G.I. Joe and Cobra!


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Unproduced Baroness (upgrade)

The very first design posted here was a version of the Baroness based on an unproduced figure from 1995. That was a smaller image, in an older style than most of the others here. I finally got around to an “upgrade.”


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Iron Grenadiers Baroness

After spending so much time with Destro, it’s surprising how the Baroness is always shown as a member of Cobra. Why not give her a proper uniform to fight alongside the Iron Grenadiers? (This design has a lot of gray and black, so details may hide a bit depending on your monitor brightness.)


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New “realistic” Raptor

Raptor is way up at the top of the list of most ridiculously dressed G.I. Joe figure. He is basically 100% comic book super villain. Here’s a new version of Raptor that makes him into a flying soldier with backpack glider. No feathers in sight.


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IDW Dial-Tone and promoted Cadet Deming

Today we have two variations on existing female characters. First we have then new Dial-tone (sometimes identified as the first Dial-tone’s sister) in a uniform like the original’s. And then it’s the memorable Siegie trainee from the cartoon’s “There’s No Place Like Springfield,” Cadet Deming, imagined as a full Crimson Guard officer.

DT-IDW  Deming

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Unproduced Zarana

OK, here’s one more of those unused concepts from the G.I. Joe vs Cobra era, this time Zarana with a design very different than her classic look.


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Unproduced Lifeline and Serpentor

We continue (and maybe complete) the recently revealed unproduced concepts. For now I think I’ve exhausted the designs that interested me, or ones that I thought I could recreate reasonably well here. Lifeline in an outfit that seems to flip the colors of his original, and a simpler, Caesar-like version of Serpentor.

Lifeline-concept2 Serpentor-concept

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Replicator Duke and IDW’s Copperback

It’s been awhile, so time for a double update. First up is a unusual concept that would’ve extended Star Brigade, the Replicator version of Duke. Apparently, Replicators were to be duplicates of Joes controlled by aliens. They would’ve had a weird alien-bursting-out feature, but this is simply human Duke in the uniform seen in the artwork. (See various Replicators at

The second figure is an original character from IDW’s G.I. Joe, Copperback. She was a scientist working for Destro until he killed her father, and she joined Cobra. Later on the Joes freed her to help find Destro. This is an original costume design since she really didn’t have one in the comic.

Duke-replicator3  Copperback
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Unproduced Cobra Sniper

This update is based on the rough concept art for a Cobra sniper figure over at, which may have not gone beyond this sketch stage. Supposedly code named “Shooter” (I guess Sniper-Viper sounds a bit too cute), but this is an interpretation of that artwork. EDIT: Forgot to add a link to the concept page.


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Supervillains – Destro and Baroness

Another edition of Joes (or Cobras) redesigned as superheroes (or supervillains), this time it’s Destro and the Baroness. Granted, many members of Cobra has outfits that make them look like they could be the next enemy Batman or Spider-Man encounters, but it’s still fun to redesign them. (Click to enlarge)

Destro-superhero7 Baroness-supervillain

Combat Col. Sharp & Dr. Biggles-Jones

Following up on the cartoon redesigns, here is Colonel Sharp in combat gear. This could be Sharp’s makeshift uniform when he is forced back into the field during some emergency. Then we have the weirdly-named Dr. Biggles-Jones from the Scarlett undercover / Transformers: Generation 2 storyline. I see her as an experimental weapons expert if she had joined the Joes. Devil’s Due strangely killed her off-panel. Keep an eye out for more similar redesigns of obscure characters. Please add a comment if you have some thing nice or even not nice to say.

ColSharp Dr.Biggles-Jones


(Click to enlarge.)


1995 Dr. Mindbender

Another unproduced figure from 1995 was a new Dr. Mindbender. This one was a strange design that included a claw-hand and a more sci-fi look. I added some color highlights but mostly stuck to the color of the figure seen here at Click the image to expand it.


Frostbite and Pythona

It’s been a few days, so here are two more characters. First, it’s another cold weather G.I. Joe ready for warmer climates, Frostbite. And from a more obscure corner of G.I. Joe, here’s a new version of Pythona. This design is maybe a bit more human, and it’s more like she may have appeared in a modern comic book, instead of a kids’ cartoon.

Frostbite-infantry Pythona-A

Baroness 1995 figure

We’re starting off with something based on a real concept from Hasbro, an almost-produced Baroness figure that would’ve been part of the cancelled 1995 Battle Rangers line. has figure mock-ups here and here, as well as a fuzzy view of the card artwork. This combines those three versions.

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