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Cobra Laser Trooper

Hasbro gave us a Laser-Viper in 1990, but why wouldn’t Cobra have had a Laser Trooper earlier than that? This trooper is based on the idea of what that may have looked like back in 1982.

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Cobra Tank Commander

Before the HISS tanks appeared, Cobra did have regular style tanks in the comic books. So, why not a Tank Commander based on the Cobra Stinger Driver mixed with a traditional army tank driver uniform?

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New Python Officer

This repaint is actually an update to an older Python Patrol figure. This Python Officer is updated to match the colors of second version of the sub team released in 2003. One confusing aspect of this figure was it was actually based on the 1983 Cobra trooper and not the Officer, so the second image is of the original trooper.


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G.I. Joe Recruit

Today we get really obscure with this character design. Inspired by the page, it’s a G.I. Joe recruit as seen in Hasbro’s offer, Mission “Stars ‘n Stripes”, which you can see here at the 3DJoes site (Scroll down a bit).

UPDATE: These recruits actually made a second appearance in a 1987 offer you can see on this page.

JoeRecruit1  JoeRecruit2

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Unproduced Hawk plus Greenshirt upgrade

First up is an unused design from concept art post at the JoeDeclassified Facebook page a while back. The drawing is labeled “Missile Specialist” though the page says it’s General Hawk. I’m not sure it looks like Hawk, but his first figure had that specialty. It’s also uncertain what era the design is from. It’s definitely an unusual design. In addition, I’ve put up a new “upgrade” to my male Greenshirt image. All that’s new is the collar, which I wasn’t really happy with before.

GeneralHawk-concept  Greenshirt-upg-TV1

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Unproduced Cobra Sniper

This update is based on the rough concept art for a Cobra sniper figure over at, which may have not gone beyond this sketch stage. Supposedly code named “Shooter” (I guess Sniper-Viper sounds a bit too cute), but this is an interpretation of that artwork. EDIT: Forgot to add a link to the concept page.


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These aren’t technically new concepts, of course, but they were fun to recreate. Here are the uniform designs for the generic G.I. Joe troopers from the Sunbow cartoon. The men were all over the place, but the woman here is based on one of the characters seen in “Spell of the Siren”, which may have been the only time they appeared. Which is too bad, because their designs are actually much closer to the original thirteen’s standard outfits. If the female “greenshirts” appeared in any other episodes, correct me in the comments.

Greenshirt TV1  Greenshirt TV1-Female

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