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Jinx Character Design Timeline

The Oktober Guard will return later, but now it’s another character design timeline, this time Jinx. The choice of Jinx was made sort of randomly, after just looking for a character with some interesting design differences and that didn’t have TOO many versions. There are more versions of Jinx than you may realize. (There may be a Snake-Eyes timeline in the future, but that would be a LOT of variations to tackle.)

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Lady Jaye & Battlefield Messenger concepts

For this site I search around the internet looking for interesting unproduced designs, concept art, etc. This time around we have an early unused Renegades Lady Jaye concept posted here over a year ago, as well as concept art seen in this auction (mentioned by someone on Facebook), only referred to as Battlefield Messenger (though he does resemble Dusty).

ladyjaye-concept-jj battlefield_messenger

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Sigma 6 Scarlett concept

While Scarlett‘s Sigma 6 design was seen on the design timeline, today we have a concept a figure for one of the small secondary Sigma 6 “2.5 inch Mission Series.” The design can be seen on this page from 2009.


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Unproduced Bombstrike and Hollow Point

A while back the site posted a number of designs based on concept art revealed by Sam Wells on this page at Here are a couple more from there. First is “Cadet Bombshell,” an early name for Bombstrike, and a slightly different version of Hollow Point from the Built to Rule toy sets.

CadetBombshell-concept  HollowPoint-concept

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Unproduced Baroness (upgrade)

The very first design posted here was a version of the Baroness based on an unproduced figure from 1995. That was a smaller image, in an older style than most of the others here. I finally got around to an “upgrade.”


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Unproduced Arctic (?) figure

Sorry for the month-long break, but in the future you can look for another character design timeline, this time much longer than the one for Grunt.

This unproduced concept comes from a while back at the Facebook page for the upcoming 3 3/4 Inch Joe book. The figure has no name but looks like an Arctic figure despite being more colorful than the usual mostly-white figures are.


(Click to enlarge)

Unproduced Hawk plus Greenshirt upgrade

First up is an unused design from concept art post at the JoeDeclassified Facebook page a while back. The drawing is labeled “Missile Specialist” though the page says it’s General Hawk. I’m not sure it looks like Hawk, but his first figure had that specialty. It’s also uncertain what era the design is from. It’s definitely an unusual design. In addition, I’ve put up a new “upgrade” to my male Greenshirt image. All that’s new is the collar, which I wasn’t really happy with before.

GeneralHawk-concept  Greenshirt-upg-TV1

(Click to enlarge.)

Unproduced Zarana

OK, here’s one more of those unused concepts from the G.I. Joe vs Cobra era, this time Zarana with a design very different than her classic look.


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Unproduced Lifeline and Serpentor

We continue (and maybe complete) the recently revealed unproduced concepts. For now I think I’ve exhausted the designs that interested me, or ones that I thought I could recreate reasonably well here. Lifeline in an outfit that seems to flip the colors of his original, and a simpler, Caesar-like version of Serpentor.

Lifeline-concept2 Serpentor-concept

(Click to enlarge.)

Unproduced Low-Light and Outback

Two more of the recently revealed G.I. Joe vs Cobra figure concepts: Low Light and Outback. I must admit these two aren’t my favorite designs, but I tried capturing them accurately:

Low-Light-concept Outback-concept
(Click to enlarge.)

Unproduced Jinx

First up from the handful of recently revealed, unused character designs is Jinx. The actual Jinx released in this era was a more traditional ninja design. I think I like this unique version best out of these unused concepts.

(Click to enlarge)

Replicator Hawk and Gung-Ho

Continuing with more Replicators, we have Hawk and Gung-Ho. Like the Duke concept earlier, these are based on a few blurry photos of concept art and prototype figures. The colors here are an attempt to match the color artwork, in which the characters are obscured by the aliens. Gung-Ho’s helmet is included while Hawk’s is not, because they’re hard to recreate.

Hawk-replicator  Gung-Ho-replicator2
(Click to enlarge.)

Replicator Duke and IDW’s Copperback

It’s been awhile, so time for a double update. First up is a unusual concept that would’ve extended Star Brigade, the Replicator version of Duke. Apparently, Replicators were to be duplicates of Joes controlled by aliens. They would’ve had a weird alien-bursting-out feature, but this is simply human Duke in the uniform seen in the artwork. (See various Replicators at

The second figure is an original character from IDW’s G.I. Joe, Copperback. She was a scientist working for Destro until he killed her father, and she joined Cobra. Later on the Joes freed her to help find Destro. This is an original costume design since she really didn’t have one in the comic.

Duke-replicator3  Copperback
(Click to enlarge)

Unproduced Cobra Sniper

This update is based on the rough concept art for a Cobra sniper figure over at, which may have not gone beyond this sketch stage. Supposedly code named “Shooter” (I guess Sniper-Viper sounds a bit too cute), but this is an interpretation of that artwork. EDIT: Forgot to add a link to the concept page.


(Click to enlarge)

1995 Dr. Mindbender

Another unproduced figure from 1995 was a new Dr. Mindbender. This one was a strange design that included a claw-hand and a more sci-fi look. I added some color highlights but mostly stuck to the color of the figure seen here at Click the image to expand it.


Tiger Force Ripcord

Early catalog photos for Tiger Force included character that never came to be, including Tiger Force Ripcord. Here is a close approximation of that figure. Also, since the figure was still based on the original Ripcord, I figured I may as well include classic Ripcord, too. Don’t forget to leave a comment if you have something to say!

Ripcord 84 no gear  Ripcord 84 w gear  Ripcord TF w gear

Mega Marines Barbecue and Iceberg

This update includes a design based on the unproduced concept for a Mega Marines Barbecue, seen here (obviously a lot had to be guessed at since the image isn’t great), and an original Iceberg in warm weather gear. (Click images to enlarge.)

BBQ-MegaMarines  Iceberg-infantry


And if you have something to say about any posts, leave a comment!

1995 Flint and “Original 13” Scarlett

A two-for-one post today. First up is the unproduced Battle Rangers Flint that would’ve appeared in 1995, and then like with an earlier Snake-Eyes post, it’s Scarlett if her original uniform matched better with her male teammates.

UPDATE: Click here to see the page about that Flint figure.

Flint-1995  Scarlett-original

1995 Ace (?) and Footloose

Here are two more designs based on unproduced figures, one definitely part of the proposed Battle Rangers series, the other comes from wrapping paper of all places. The first unnamed character looks like a version of Ace, the other is Battle Rangers Footloose. See them here and here at These more recent creations are much bigger than the Baroness image, so click to enlarge.

Ace-1995  Footloose-1995

Baroness 1995 figure

We’re starting off with something based on a real concept from Hasbro, an almost-produced Baroness figure that would’ve been part of the cancelled 1995 Battle Rangers line. has figure mock-ups here and here, as well as a fuzzy view of the card artwork. This combines those three versions.

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