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Sorry for the long wait between new material, everyone! More is coming soon!


A non-update

Please excuse the long absence of updates, but sometimes the real world takes precedence. Even so, a big update is on the way. Stay tuned!

Now on Facebook

imagesHello, all! Now, if you want to follow this blog in another way, we have our own page on Facebook. For now, the page will mostly be used to alert fans when the blog is updated.

Head here to get to the page, or just search for Joe Concepts:

Unreleased Hasbro designs revealed

The website has a podcast interview up with Sam Wells, in which they talk about some unreleased designs from the G.I. Joe vs. Cobra era of figure in the 2000s. The site displays some of the images with a few comments. I intend to remake at least a couple of these designs that catch my eye.

Welcome to Joe Concepts

This blog will feature new designs and concepts for the various characters of G.I. Joe. This site is all in fun and is just intended to showcase some new ideas for the toy / comic / cartoon franchise. Most images you will see here are created with an online character creator.

New concepts will be posted here as long as someone’s interested!

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