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A Snake-Eyes Tribute video

We’ll get back to character designs soon, but for now here’s another video. But instead of just a long list of characters we have a tribute to Snake-Eyes!


G.I. Joe – All Cobras Ever Animated video

It took a while, but finally here is the Cobra (and other enemies) themed follow up to the previous video that showed every G.I. Joe member ever animated. Watch it, share it, tell your friends! 🙂

All Joes Ever Animated – UPDATE

A viewer of the recent “All Joes Ever Animated” video was observant enough to notice that I was missing one member of G.I. Joe: Breaker! I have since corrected the video, but unfortunately the rules of Youtube do not allow me to simply replace an existing video. A new one has to be uploaded. I did that and added some messages directing viewers to this new video…

G.I. Joe – All Joes Ever Animated video

A while back a video tribute to G.I. Joe was published here as a change of place. This time, we have a much more elaborate video made in an attempt to show ever Joe who has ever made an animated appearance. The video includes cartoons, commercials and video games, and in some cases you can barely see the character since the clip comes from a brief commercial appearance, sometimes slowed way down. Thanks to all the various channels and web sites that inadvertently contributed…

G.I. Joe Tribute Video

While this site is meant for G.I. Joe character designs, I figure some other creative things can be posted here, too. Just uploaded to Youtube, here is a newly created tribute video, using the framework of the opening of G.I. Joe: The Movie with clips from various Joe eras added:

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