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Supervillains – Destro and Baroness

Another edition of Joes (or Cobras) redesigned as superheroes (or supervillains), this time it’s Destro and the Baroness. Granted, many members of Cobra has outfits that make them look like they could be the next enemy Batman or Spider-Man encounters, but it’s still fun to redesign them. (Click to enlarge)

Destro-superhero7 Baroness-supervillain



These aren’t technically new concepts, of course, but they were fun to recreate. Here are the uniform designs for the generic G.I. Joe troopers from the Sunbow cartoon. The men were all over the place, but the woman here is based on one of the characters seen in “Spell of the Siren”, which may have been the only time they appeared. Which is too bad, because their designs are actually much closer to the original thirteen’s standard outfits. If the female “greenshirts” appeared in any other episodes, correct me in the comments.

Greenshirt TV1  Greenshirt TV1-Female

Combat Col. Sharp & Dr. Biggles-Jones

Following up on the cartoon redesigns, here is Colonel Sharp in combat gear. This could be Sharp’s makeshift uniform when he is forced back into the field during some emergency. Then we have the weirdly-named Dr. Biggles-Jones from the Scarlett undercover / Transformers: Generation 2 storyline. I see her as an experimental weapons expert if she had joined the Joes. Devil’s Due strangely killed her off-panel. Keep an eye out for more similar redesigns of obscure characters. Please add a comment if you have some thing nice or even not nice to say.

ColSharp Dr.Biggles-Jones


(Click to enlarge.)


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