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Wild Weasel, Flight Pod pilot

Adding to the list of drivers for vehicles that weren’t sold with them, we’ve got a new Wild Weasel ready to pilot the Cobra Flight Pod — aka the “Trubble Bubble.” (Vehicle photo from

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Spirit, Recon Sled driver

Another drivers-for-vehicles-without-them post, here is Spirit. And what better vehicle for a tracker than the LCV Recon Sled? One of the toy lines’ strangest but unique vehicles. And again, here’s a vehicle pic from!

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Lady Jaye, Silver Mirage driver

Here we’re continuing with giving official drivers to vehicles that weren’t sold with action figures back in the day. Today we’ve got Lady Jaye, as the driver for the Silver Mirage motorcycle. This one has kind of a vintage look, but that’s nothing new looking at the classic era of figures.

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Firefly – Jungle Assault Squad

Placing characters into different environments is always a good way to come up with a new concept. Here we have Cobra saboteur Firefly in a new jungle outfit. This may be the first of a team of “Jungle Assault Squad” Cobra agents.

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Tiger Force Sparks

An often-forgotten member of G.I. Joe is Sparks, who showed up in a few episodes of the original cartoon as another communications soldier, got no action figure, and didn’t appear again until a Devil’s Due comic in the 2000s, then made more comic appearances after that. He got a figure finally in 2007, but was built from other figures’ parts. This version is based on the cartoon, and his new Tiger Force design is inspired by the brightly-colored Action Force version of that team.


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Python Patrol Scrap-Iron

As the G.I. Joe convention rolls on this weekend, featuring some new Python Patrol sets, let’s continue the classic Python Patrol repaints with Scrap-Iron.


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Heather Collins

Recent issues of Larry Hama’s G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero reintroduced Heather Collins, the daughter of Wade and sister of Sean who we first saw as a child. Despite being a civilian she proves to be a skilled hacker and a capable fighter. Here she is if she did join the Joes.

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Mutt & Junkyard – Urban Assault Team

After creating a new design for Mayday earlier, I thought of focusing on other characters who could also specialize in urban warfare. This newly designed Mutt (with Junkyard) was meant to compliment her design, and others will soon follow as part of a G.I. Joe Urban Assault Team. Customizers have been known to create action figures with common themes, and this is the same idea.

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Updated Cutter

Today we have a sometimes-forgotten G.I. Joe character, Cutter, the team’s only member from the Coast Guard. Here his uniform is similar to the modern uniforms worn by the Guard.

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Worlds Without End – Baroness

The most obviously different character in the “Worlds Without End” universe is the Baroness, who is not only a double agent trying stop Cobra but in a relationship with Steeler. (Also, she apparently wears contacts.) Here we have the Baroness if she later completely left Cobra in that world and began working with the Joes.


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New Zartan

Making up for the “joke” of a post last time, here is a new version of Zartan. This is a more high tech design, leaning heavily on the idea that the master of disguise uses holograms embedded in his costume to change his appearance.


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Zartan (Invisible)

Today’s design: Zartan when he turns invisible. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! 🙂


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New Recondo

Continuing with these single posts for now, here’s a new variation on jungle trooper Recondo.


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Unproduced Baroness (upgrade)

The very first design posted here was a version of the Baroness based on an unproduced figure from 1995. That was a smaller image, in an older style than most of the others here. I finally got around to an “upgrade.”


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Tiger Force Ripcord

Early catalog photos for Tiger Force included character that never came to be, including Tiger Force Ripcord. Here is a close approximation of that figure. Also, since the figure was still based on the original Ripcord, I figured I may as well include classic Ripcord, too. Don’t forget to leave a comment if you have something to say!

Ripcord 84 no gear  Ripcord 84 w gear  Ripcord TF w gear

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