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Updated Cutter

Today we have a sometimes-forgotten G.I. Joe character, Cutter, the team’s only member from the Coast Guard. Here his uniform is similar to the modern uniforms worn by the Guard.

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Worlds Without End – Baroness

The most obviously different character in the “Worlds Without End” universe is the Baroness, who is not only a double agent trying stop Cobra but in a relationship with Steeler. (Also, she apparently wears contacts.) Here we have the Baroness if she later completely left Cobra in that world and began working with the Joes.


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New Zartan

Making up for the “joke” of a post last time, here is a new version of Zartan. This is a more high tech design, leaning heavily on the idea that the master of disguise uses holograms embedded in his costume to change his appearance.


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Zartan (Invisible)

Today’s design: Zartan when he turns invisible. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! 🙂


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New Recondo

Continuing with these single posts for now, here’s a new variation on jungle trooper Recondo.


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Unproduced Baroness (upgrade)

The very first design posted here was a version of the Baroness based on an unproduced figure from 1995. That was a smaller image, in an older style than most of the others here. I finally got around to an “upgrade.”


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Tiger Force Ripcord

Early catalog photos for Tiger Force included character that never came to be, including Tiger Force Ripcord. Here is a close approximation of that figure. Also, since the figure was still based on the original Ripcord, I figured I may as well include classic Ripcord, too. Don’t forget to leave a comment if you have something to say!

Ripcord 84 no gear  Ripcord 84 w gear  Ripcord TF w gear

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