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Supervillains – Destro and Baroness

Another edition of Joes (or Cobras) redesigned as superheroes (or supervillains), this time it’s Destro and the Baroness. Granted, many members of Cobra has outfits that make them look like they could be the next enemy Batman or Spider-Man encounters, but it’s still fun to redesign them. (Click to enlarge)

Destro-superhero7 Baroness-supervillain


Super Joes!

It’s been a while, and this new updated is something different. What I think is a fun concept, G.I. Joe characters if they were traditional comic book superheroes and villains. I’ll probably come up with some others in the future, too. First, we have Scarlett as a “archer” hero, then Cobra Commander even more flamboyantly dressed than usual.

Scarlett-Superhero10 CC-supervillainA


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