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Unproduced Lifeline and Serpentor

We continue (and maybe complete) the recently revealed unproduced concepts. For now I think I’ve exhausted the designs that interested me, or ones that I thought I could recreate reasonably well here. Lifeline in an outfit that seems to flip the colors of his original, and a simpler, Caesar-like version of Serpentor.

Lifeline-concept2 Serpentor-concept

(Click to enlarge.)


Unproduced Low-Light and Outback

Two more of the recently revealed G.I. Joe vs Cobra figure concepts: Low Light and Outback. I must admit these two aren’t my favorite designs, but I tried capturing them accurately:

Low-Light-concept Outback-concept
(Click to enlarge.)

Unproduced Jinx

First up from the handful of recently revealed, unused character designs is Jinx. The actual Jinx released in this era was a more traditional ninja design. I think I like this unique version best out of these unused concepts.

(Click to enlarge)

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