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Torpedo, MANTA pilot

Continuing with giving drivers to G.I. Joe vehicles that didn’t come with one, here we have a version of Torpedo meant for the MANTA windsurfer toy, which was available through mail order only. Also, here’s a pic of the vehicle, borrowed from the great Joe website!

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Airborne, Sky Hawk pilot

To get inspired to create new designs, it helps to try to come up with a theme. Here we’re starting something new. The premise of the next batch is giving drivers/pilots to some of the G.I. Joe vehicles that were sold without a figure, but to use existing characters. Starting with Airborne, Sky Hawk pilot. A new version of the little one-man aircraft did get a pilot (Tomahawk) in 2010, but here we’re talking about the original toy line.

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Tiger Force Cover Girl

Returning to the series of “repaint” figures, looking at what if some other characters became part of the early sub-teams. Here’s Cover Girl in Tiger Force colors alongside her original look.


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Tiger Force Airborne

We’re back to another of the “repainted” action figures, this time Tiger Force Airborne. Like most of the others, his original design is here, too.


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Tiger Force Gung-Ho

One more Tiger Force repaint, this time G.I. Joe‘s original Marine, Gung-Ho, alongside his original figure design.


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Snake-Eyes & Cover Girl – Polar Force

Sub-teams in G.I. Joe are one way to be inspired to create some alternate designs for characters. This site may invent more as a common theme for characters. Here we have Polar Force, another excuse for the often popular “arctic” theme, along with their own polar bear patch. To start, here’s Snake-Eyes and Cover Girl.


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New Dr. Venom

Here’s a new version of Dr. Venom, this time trying something other than the traditional “scientist in a lab coat” look.

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Gung-Ho character design timeline

This has only been done twice before, once for Grunt, and a much longer one for Scarlett. Gung-Ho‘s character design timeline includes 24 variations of the Cajun Marine, though a few simple repaints were left out. Obviously these take a long time to create, but hopefully you’ll see others now and then.

(Click to enlarge — a lot!)

New Duke

A final 1983 character design, this time First Sergeant Duke. Not any special concept here, just a new jungle-camo version of the character.


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New Tiger Force Tripwire

Based on a suggestion from a Facebook follower, here’s a Tiger Force variation of the new Tripwire from the previous post. Once the initial design is done, changing the color scheme is pretty easy!


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New Tripwire

Next up from 1983, a new version of mine detector Tripwire. He looks a little bit more hi-tech here, complete with a heads-up display in his face shield.


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Desert Gung-Ho

Also from the 1983 G.I. Joe vintage is Gung-Ho. This time it’s GH in a desert-themed outfit.


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New Cover Girl

Continuing with Joes that debuted in 1983, here’s a new version of Cover Girl armed with a rocket launcher and a wrench — both useful when your tank breaks down. Her original filecard refers to her as a mechanic, too.


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Ace and Cold Weather Wild Bill

Continuing on with making some new versions of the 1983 Joes, here is a new Ace, and Wild Bill ready for cold weather.

Ace-NEW-BG Wild-Bill-ColdWeathe-BG

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Arctic Major Bludd and Ace (?) from “The Spy Eye”

A two-for-one post today. First up we have Major Bludd in Arctic gear which needs no explanation. Then we have a character design from the front cover of the 1983 childrens’ book, The Spy Eye. I am guessing it is supposed to be Ace since he is the only other Joe character in the book besides Hawk, Steeler and Flash. It’s just as possible it’s not him since the outfit doesn’t match the interior art which has Ace in a non-specific uniform that better fits with the 1982 Joes. Click here to see the whole book on

MajorBludd-Arctic  Ace-TheSpyEye

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New Doc

Today we have an updated version of Doc, one of Torpedo’s fellow 1983 characters. This Doc is just a slight update, but after finishing it I think it kind of looks like a younger Doc then we remember, maybe a little more of an action oriented medic…


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Land based Torpedo

This isn’t the project that is coming in the future, but here’s a little something until then. A land-based, commando style Torpedo.

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New Airborne

No special concept here, just a new version of Airborne.


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Replicator Hawk and Gung-Ho

Continuing with more Replicators, we have Hawk and Gung-Ho. Like the Duke concept earlier, these are based on a few blurry photos of concept art and prototype figures. The colors here are an attempt to match the color artwork, in which the characters are obscured by the aliens. Gung-Ho’s helmet is included while Hawk’s is not, because they’re hard to recreate.

Hawk-replicator  Gung-Ho-replicator2
(Click to enlarge.)

Replicator Duke and IDW’s Copperback

It’s been awhile, so time for a double update. First up is a unusual concept that would’ve extended Star Brigade, the Replicator version of Duke. Apparently, Replicators were to be duplicates of Joes controlled by aliens. They would’ve had a weird alien-bursting-out feature, but this is simply human Duke in the uniform seen in the artwork. (See various Replicators at

The second figure is an original character from IDW’s G.I. Joe, Copperback. She was a scientist working for Destro until he killed her father, and she joined Cobra. Later on the Joes freed her to help find Destro. This is an original costume design since she really didn’t have one in the comic.

Duke-replicator3  Copperback
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Supervillains – Destro and Baroness

Another edition of Joes (or Cobras) redesigned as superheroes (or supervillains), this time it’s Destro and the Baroness. Granted, many members of Cobra has outfits that make them look like they could be the next enemy Batman or Spider-Man encounters, but it’s still fun to redesign them. (Click to enlarge)

Destro-superhero7 Baroness-supervillain

Warm weather Snow Job

One of the sometimes silly aspects of G.I. Joe fiction happens when a environment-specific Joe appears outside that environment, but still wears the same uniform. The worst example may be Torpedo running around the city in a wet suit, complete with diving flippers. Snow Job gets that same treatment now and then, so here he is outside of the Arctic, dressed more appropriately. There may be more of this theme coming soon. Click the image for full size.


1995 Ace (?) and Footloose

Here are two more designs based on unproduced figures, one definitely part of the proposed Battle Rangers series, the other comes from wrapping paper of all places. The first unnamed character looks like a version of Ace, the other is Battle Rangers Footloose. See them here and here at These more recent creations are much bigger than the Baroness image, so click to enlarge.

Ace-1995  Footloose-1995

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