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New Dr. Venom

Here’s a new version of Dr. Venom, this time trying something other than the traditional “scientist in a lab coat” look.

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Gung-Ho character design timeline

This has only been done twice before, once for Grunt, and a much longer one for Scarlett. Gung-Ho‘s character design timeline includes 24 variations of the Cajun Marine, though a few simple repaints were left out. Obviously these take a long time to create, but hopefully you’ll see others now and then.

(Click to enlarge — a lot!)

New Duke

A final 1983 character design, this time First Sergeant Duke. Not any special concept here, just a new jungle-camo version of the character.


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New Tiger Force Tripwire

Based on a suggestion from a Facebook follower, here’s a Tiger Force variation of the new Tripwire from the previous post. Once the initial design is done, changing the color scheme is pretty easy!


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New Tripwire

Next up from 1983, a new version of mine detector Tripwire. He looks a little bit more hi-tech here, complete with a heads-up display in his face shield.


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Desert Gung-Ho

Also from the 1983 G.I. Joe vintage is Gung-Ho. This time it’s GH in a desert-themed outfit.


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New Cover Girl

Continuing with Joes that debuted in 1983, here’s a new version of Cover Girl armed with a rocket launcher and a wrench — both useful when your tank breaks down. Her original filecard refers to her as a mechanic, too.


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