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IDW Dial-Tone and promoted Cadet Deming

Today we have two variations on existing female characters. First we have then new Dial-tone (sometimes identified as the first Dial-tone’s sister) in a uniform like the original’s. And then it’s the memorable Siegie trainee from the cartoon’s “There’s No Place Like Springfield,” Cadet Deming, imagined as a full Crimson Guard officer.

DT-IDW  Deming

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Unproduced Hawk plus Greenshirt upgrade

First up is an unused design from concept art post at the JoeDeclassified Facebook page a while back. The drawing is labeled “Missile Specialist” though the page says it’s General Hawk. I’m not sure it looks like Hawk, but his first figure had that specialty. It’s also uncertain what era the design is from. It’s definitely an unusual design. In addition, I’ve put up a new “upgrade” to my male Greenshirt image. All that’s new is the collar, which I wasn’t really happy with before.

GeneralHawk-concept  Greenshirt-upg-TV1

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Unproduced Zarana

OK, here’s one more of those unused concepts from the G.I. Joe vs Cobra era, this time Zarana with a design very different than her classic look.


(Click to enlarge.)

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