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Tiger Force Cover Girl

Returning to the series of “repaint” figures, looking at what if some other characters became part of the early sub-teams. Here’s Cover Girl in Tiger Force colors alongside her original look.


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Zandar – Jungle Assault Squad

Here we’re continuing the Jungle Assault Squad, but it’s sort of cheating as it’s also a repaint. This is jungle gear Zandar alongside the original.


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Baroness – Jungle Assault Squad

We continue Cobra’s Jungle Assault Squad with the Baroness, a character that has rarely had any design that strayed too far from the original.

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Firefly – Jungle Assault Squad

Placing characters into different environments is always a good way to come up with a new concept. Here we have Cobra saboteur Firefly in a new jungle outfit. This may be the first of a team of “Jungle Assault Squad” Cobra agents.

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Cobra Laser Trooper

Hasbro gave us a Laser-Viper in 1990, but why wouldn’t Cobra have had a Laser Trooper earlier than that? This trooper is based on the idea of what that may have looked like back in 1982.

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(Evil) Breaker and Grunt

Sometimes the designs on this site are based on half an idea that sounds like fun. Here we have kind of a “mirror universe” where G.I. Joe is evil and Cobras are the good guys. These are pretty simple mostly “repaint” designs of Grunt looking more like a Cobra trooper, and a Tele-Vipery Breaker.


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